The One With Will Shaw Show – PPP042

Will Shaw is a sales and marketing automation expert and the founder of two companies — Capsule Five and Marketing Connected. Both companies help small to medium-sized businesses by providing consulting, software, technology, and lead generation. He is also a certified Infusionsoft/Keap partner, obviously!

Not many people can claim to have played in the NFL, but Will was a tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles. Quite an accomplishment, and has gone some way towards helping to shape the man and entrepreneur he is today.

In this episode, you’ll hear about Will’s constant search for greatness and his commitment to do his best at all times. You will also learn about the strict morning routine he adheres to, his love of the mountains, and why he always makes time for reading – plus much more.

A self-confessed ‘walking cliche’ he shared so many wonderful insights, you’ll not want to miss this episode!

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