The One With Tyler Garns – PPP043

If you use Infusionsoft/Keap, then Tyler Garns probably needs no introduction.

You will know him as a digital marketing expert, speaker, business coach, and consultant as well as the founder and CEO of Box Out Marketing.

Box Out Marketing is a full-service marketing automation agency and training organisation that helps clients with their marketing strategy, copywriting, messaging and positioning, and their Infusionsoft/Keap buildout.

Dubbed “the original Infusionsoft ninja,” the award-winning and world-renowned marketer was once Infusionsoft/Keap’s Marketing Director / VP.

Under his leadership, the company was able to generate over 25,000 leads per month (from just 300 per month!). As a result, he was able to help double the company’s annual sales on 3 separate occasions!

What you may not know about Tyler is that he once had a dream of becoming a doctor, and has a real passion for transplant surgery. In this episode we talked about his invention to revolutionise kidney transplants.

The many inspiring insights and anecdotes Tyler shared in today’s episode, including the time he was seconds away from death, make it a must-listen, so make sure you tune in!

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