The One With Scott Stroud – PPP024

Scott Stroud is not only a remarkable Infusionsoft partner, he has also been an avid Infusionsoft user for 11 years.

Scott has many passions including a love of music and he was such a pleasure to talk, openly discussing the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship and how he personally resolved them.

Both a wise and shrewd entrepreneur, Scott has come a long way from his first entrepreneurial venture at the tender age of 9. From building houses to helping people build their businesses, he has accumulated a wealth of wisdom and insights which he shares in today’s episode.

Scott considers giving to be a central part of his life, so it’s no surprise that he continues to create products and services that provide tremendous value and benefit to others. His willingness to help people, his eagerness to give back, and his warm and generous spirit truly makes him an awe-inspiring Partner’s Partner.

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