The One With Claudia Sheridan – PPP025

Claudia Sheridan is a driven, competent, and insightful Infusionsoft partner who knows what she wants and how to make things happen.

She is also the brains behind Small Business Breakthrough, a business that allows her to do two of the things she’s truly passionate about — teaching and helping others.

How she transitioned from a youngster who didn’t consider “no” an option, to a successful digital marketing coach who can deliver results, has been fascinating. Eloquent and wise, she also shared plenty of profound insights which made my conversation with her all the more interesting.

Her love for teaching and helping others as well as her innate ability to think outside the box definitely makes Claudia an outstanding Partner’s Partner!

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The One With Scott Stroud – PPP024

Scott Stroud is not only a remarkable Infusionsoft partner, he has also been an avid Infusionsoft user for 11 years.

Scott has many passions including a love of music and he was such a pleasure to talk, openly discussing the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship and how he personally resolved them.

Both a wise and shrewd entrepreneur, Scott has come a long way from his first entrepreneurial venture at the tender age of 9. From building houses to helping people build their businesses, he has accumulated a wealth of wisdom and insights which he shares in today’s episode.

Scott considers giving to be a central part of his life, so it’s no surprise that he continues to create products and services that provide tremendous value and benefit to others. His willingness to help people, his eagerness to give back, and his warm and generous spirit truly makes him an awe-inspiring Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Ted Moskovitz – PPP023

Ted is a successful Infusionsoft partner, and part of the core team behind the award-winning Infusionsoft add-on, AppointmentCore.

Initially training in Micro Molecular Biology, he eventually became a successful corporate lawyer. However, the humble Canadian who has an insatiable love for travelling, learned about his life’s true calling the hard way.

His journey from someone who cared more about the outside appearance of success to someone who places more value on the inward one, has been nothing short of fascinating.

Intellectually brilliant and highly articulate, Ted shares many profound insights and wisdom that will make you see life, entrepreneurship, and success from a totally different perspective.

His commitment to providing exceptional products and service, his eagerness to help other people, and his love for what he’s doing (even without the external validation) truly makes him a phenomenal Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Sarah Boyle – PPP022

Sarah Boyle has evolved dramatically from being a social chameleon during her younger years to a grounded and proficient Infusionsoft partner.

While she was a bit nervous at the start of our conversation, she shared a lot of amusing stories and anecdotes once she got past her nerviness.

As she takes us on a journey from her childhood to where she currently is today, we can see how she has progressed from an animated youngster to a patient and competent woman who’s always eager to learn something new and ready to take on new challenges.

Speaking straight from the shoulder, Sarah makes this conversation truly fun and enjoyable.

I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I did!

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The One With Chris Kent – PPP021

Working on his PhD and having published a book, there’s no denying Chris Kent is a smart man. However, my conversation with him revealed there is much more to the man than just his impeccable intellect.

Fortunately for us, he candidly shared many of his life’s turning points—from his move to the Isle of Man, his massive failure as an entrepreneur at 24, the health scare he experienced, down to him helping other people as an Infusionsoft partner—Chris never held anything back and we’re all made richer by his candor.

Having experienced one adversity after another, it’s hard not to admire how he has remained positive and how he used the experiences to help shape the man he is today.

His determination to pick himself up after hitting rock bottom, his ability to see the good in adversity, and his willingness to help others truly makes him a fascinating Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Alison Boyle – PPP020

Alison Boyle has been in sales and marketing for over 15 years, and is a successful Infusionsoft partner.

She works with small business owners, helping them with marketing automation, digital marketing, and training – specifically where WordPress is involved.

During our chat, Alison shared how her life growing up played an important part in her career journey. We talked about how she evolved from someone who had low self-confidence and not knowing what to do, to someone who doesn’t hold herself back, is persistent, and a successful business owner.

Despite all the setbacks they encountered in life, including redundancy when Alison was about to give birth to her youngest child… Alison and her husband have been able to successfully establish the career paths they wanted for themselves.

She may have made a lot of mistakes, like all of us, but Alison is pleased to say she’s been able to improve herself, help small businesses, and has become more aware of her decisions for her business . . . and that makes her an excellent Partner’s Partner.

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WordPress – https://wordpress.com/
WordCamp UK – https://uk.wordcamp.org/

The One About The Impact Of Millie’s Death

Millie Guymer was my cousin, who I stayed with when I was in San Diego at the end of March to record episodes for this podcast.

Sadly, just before I was about to record my last conversation on Thursday 29th March, I found out that Millie had tragically lost her life earlier that day, following a fall from a beach cliff in Encinitas, California.

This ‘non-episode’ of The Partner’s Partner Podcast is about the impact of Millie’s death.

If you only ever listen to one episode of this podcast, make it this one – because Millie wanted to change the world, and  although her life is complete, the impact of her death may make connections that could do just that.

Finally, although you don’t know her… would you please help Millie’s mum, my aunt, Ruth?

For the past 2½ years, Millie had been living with her mum, who was a live-in carer for an elderly lady. Millie had severely fractured her ankle, and Ruth was supporting her through numerous surgical operations. The majority of Ruth’s income and savings were given to paying for medical care and treatment during that time.

With Millie gone, it is too difficult for Ruth to return as a live-in carer, so the need to support her through this very difficult time and find a place to live is a matter of urgency.

The family’s greatest need is to provide Ruth with a home. We are focused on raising funds to make this happen and in some small way help her face an almost unbearable future. All donations will go into a protected fund to provide a home for Ruth, long-term.

Please donate and share.

The One With Tania Jones – PPP019

Tania is a successful Infusionsoft partner whose career revolved around a strong desire to help make things better for people.

Aside from sharing the career highs and lows she experienced, we also talked about her childhood—moving from one place to another and wanting to reconnect with her once adventurous and fearless 6-year-old self.

Her openness and vulnerability is truly laudable. But its her resilience and impeccable drive that makes her an amazing Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Neil Sinclair – PPP018

Neil has had a varied career, from 20 years in the New Zealand Air Force, to establishing, growing and ultimately selling a successful franchise in the UK, to becoming an Infusionsoft Certified Partner.

He won’t mind me encouraging you to tune into his distinctive Kiwi accent, and when you do… this chat is well worth a listen. It’s chock full of stories, lessons and ‘advice from the trenches’.

Neil’s ‘been there, done it, and got the t-shirt’ in business… and I know you’ll get at least one nugget from this conversation that will improve your life.

And I hope it’ll improve your connection with someone who is most definitely a Partner’s Partner.

The One With Insa Winkelbrandt – PPP017

In the week that is International Women’s Week, it’s fitting for The Partner’s Partner Podcast to bring you the strong and independent woman who is Insa Winkelbrandt.

Insa has definitely carved out her own niche in the Partner community, as a first class provider of Infusionsoft training – running a successful business alongside her husband Adrian Savage.

Insa is also well-known for something else! And in this episode, we find out the origins of her famous _ _ _ _ _!

It’s a pleasure to introduce Insa as a Partner’s Partner.

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