The One About The Impact Of Millie’s Death

Millie Guymer was my cousin, who I stayed with when I was in San Diego at the end of March to record episodes for this podcast.

Sadly, just before I was about to record my last conversation on Thursday 29th March, I found out that Millie had tragically lost her life earlier that day, following a fall from a beach cliff in Encinitas, California.

This ‘non-episode’ of The Partner’s Partner Podcast is about the impact of Millie’s death.

If you only ever listen to one episode of this podcast, make it this one – because Millie wanted to change the world, and  although her life is complete, the impact of her death may make connections that could do just that.

Finally, although you don’t know her… would you please help Millie’s mum, my aunt, Ruth?

For the past 2½ years, Millie had been living with her mum, who was a live-in carer for an elderly lady. Millie had severely fractured her ankle, and Ruth was supporting her through numerous surgical operations. The majority of Ruth’s income and savings were given to paying for medical care and treatment during that time.

With Millie gone, it is too difficult for Ruth to return as a live-in carer, so the need to support her through this very difficult time and find a place to live is a matter of urgency.

The family’s greatest need is to provide Ruth with a home. We are focused on raising funds to make this happen and in some small way help her face an almost unbearable future. All donations will go into a protected fund to provide a home for Ruth, long-term.

Please donate and share.

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