The One With Laura Kamrath – PPP038

In this episode I sat down with my friend and fellow Infusionsoft/Keap Certified Partner, Laura Kamrath.

Laura is an entrepreneur and geologist (with a Rice University MBA no less!) who has spent much of her Infusionsoft career doing technical marketing and sales.

Previously, she built a successful career in the oil industry before starting Zebra Marketing Solutions a digital marketing business that helps oil and energy companies become more efficient, get more customers, and make more money so they can scale their business.

Laura shared with me her experiences of working within male-dominated industries. She also talked about what she has learned from working with people with diverse upbringings and backgrounds, and how she has grown and evolved over the years. She speaks passionately about her love for the outdoors and how that led to her taking part in her 10th MS 150 bike ride which raises money to support those with MS.

Laura’s wit, honesty, and fun nature makes this episode worth listening to so don’t miss it!

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