The One With Jordan Hatch – PPP026

Jordan Hatch knows Infusionsoft better than anyone, having been with them for almost 12 years — in fact, he was their 10th employee. I had the privilege to train under him way back in 2011 so it was a welcome treat to be able to sit down and get to know him a little more.

A doting family man, he was forthright when it came to sharing the experiences that have helped shape the man he is today. From what he appreciates about his Dad, his experience of doing missionary work, down to the realisation he had during Christmas 2017. And his honesty and vulnerability is nothing less than inspiring.

Recently, he acquired Information Street, one of Infusionsoft’s biggest and oldest partners in order to fulfill his desire to help more small businesses succeed.

His marketing and sales experience, his mastery of automation strategies, and his passionate drive to help small businesses flourish truly makes him an exemplary Partner’s Partner!

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