The One With Jeremy Shapiro — PPP029

Jeremy Shapiro has not only been an invaluable part of the Infusionsoft community since 2008, he is also the founder and brains behind FuseDesk, a leading Infusionsoft helpdesk add-on designed to make taking care of customers easy and straightforward.

Ever since he was a boy Jeremy has loved to build and create, and was already running a consulting business while still in high school. Jeremy then went on to launch an e-commerce company during his first year at University.

Like many entrepreneurs, his ventures didn’t always turn out the way he would have wanted and in our chat he openly shares the valuable lessons he learned from his entrepreneurial adventures.

During our conversation, I learned about his love of cooking and the outdoors, the value he places on making connections, and his inclination to not take the standard route. I really think you’ll enjoy our conversation as much as I did!

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