The One With Chris Kent – PPP021

Working on his PhD and having published a book, there’s no denying Chris Kent is a smart man. However, my conversation with him revealed there is much more to the man than just his impeccable intellect.

Fortunately for us, he candidly shared many of his life’s turning points—from his move to the Isle of Man, his massive failure as an entrepreneur at 24, the health scare he experienced, down to him helping other people as an Infusionsoft partner—Chris never held anything back and we’re all made richer by his candor.

Having experienced one adversity after another, it’s hard not to admire how he has remained positive and how he used the experiences to help shape the man he is today.

His determination to pick himself up after hitting rock bottom, his ability to see the good in adversity, and his willingness to help others truly makes him a fascinating Partner’s Partner.

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