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The One With Piyush Parikh – PPP006

Piyush is a gifted engineer and owns several successful businesses. Whilst this is not unusual for a partner, he’s built them in a novel and unique way which we discuss in this episode of The Partner’s Partner Podcast.

As an Infusionsoft Partner since 2011, and a current member of the Partner Advisory Group, Piyush brought a wealth of experience and participation in the partner community to our chat, from which I’m sure all partners, both new and long-standing, will learn and benefit.

Aside from his business accomplishments, Piyush opened up about some of the personal sadness he has dealt with over recent years, making this, at times, an emotional conversation.

And, quite apart from the above, the offer Piyush makes to all partners during this episode firmly establishes him as a bona-fide Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Sam Bennett – PPP005

Sam Bennett is both an actor and an entrepreneur.

As the founder of The Organised Artist Company, Sam combines both passions through her service to creatives, and she has an interesting view of who that includes during this episode of The Partner’s Partner Podcast.

You’ll also find out, and be amazed at, who was at Sam’s first wedding!

And be moved by Sam’s vulnerability when we talk about her depression.

This was one of the first chats I recorded at PartnerCon 2017, and Sam made it easy for us to have a great conversation – demonstrating first hand she’s a real Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Greg Jenkins – PPP004

Before Greg was a Partner and owner of Monkeypod Marketing, an Infusionsoft education and training company, he was an Infusionsoft employee. And before that he was the owner of a small business in Michigan.

It’s these stories behind the people in the ICP community, that keep me coming back for more more. And I hope they do you too.

In this episode you’ll find out the truth behind Infusionsoft’s assertion of ‘hiring by values’; what water polo has to do with being a successful educator; and how Greg achieved his most successful month in business… when he worked part time.

It’s a pleasure to recommend Greg as a Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Daniel Bussius – PPP003

Daniel is the founder and CEO of two companies, In The Mix Promotions and Daniel Bussius Consulting. And he knows a thing or two about marketing and Infusionsoft, with one of his clients winning the Small Business of The Year award at ICON 2017.

Daniel is invariably the smartest dress man in the room, and during this episode I find out why.

He was also open about the challenges he and his mom faced as he grew up, and there’s huge lessons there in successfully growing any business.

It was a privilege to finally sit down and chat face-to-face with someone I’d only ever met briefly, and interacted with mostly online. Daniel is most certainly a Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Sarah Watz – PPP002

Sarah Watz, on this episode of The Partner’s Partner Podcast, is the CEO of Pixpro, a management consulting and marketing agency based in Stockholm, Sweden.

And this is the second of 3 episodes which I originally intended to be live when the podcast launched on Friday 1 December.

#bestlaidplans 🙂

As you’ll hear, Sarah used and recommended Infusionsoft to her clients for quite a while before she became a certified partner, and it was interesting to hear how and why she made that transition.

A past-president of Open Source Matters Inc., the not-for-profit organisation behind the Joomla project, Sarah always plays full out, and it’s a pleasure to recommend her as a Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Dobbin Buck – PPP001

Dobbin needs no introduction for anyone who’s been in the Infusionsoft partner community for even a small amount of time.

One of the co-owners of GetUWired, a full-service marketing agency near Atlanta, Georgia, Dobbin and his team are multi-award winning Infusionsoft partners.

This chat was recorded at his home in Dahlonega, North Georgia, after PartnerCon 2017.

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