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The One With Adrian Savage – PPP016

Adrian was recently described in the Infusionsoft Partner Facebook group with the comment, “THIS MAN IS SUPER-HUMAN!”. And yes, it was in all-caps!

When you meet and get to know him, you know why he deserves such enthusiastic approbation [Enough with the big words, please – Ed)!

I’ve known Adrian since 2012, and have observed the ups and downs as he’s successfully grown his business, and his reputation in the partner community.

Adrian is a rare combination of hardcore tech geekery, brilliant strategic thinking and warm, open personality.

Through this episode, find out about Adrian’s journey to where he is now, and connect with an all-round Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Jillian Kendrick – PPP014

Jillian is awesome! We had interacted briefly on Facebook and although I didn’t know her that well, when I found out she was going to PartnerCon last year, I asked her if she wanted to record an episode of The Partner’s Partner Podcast during the week. She was one of the first partners I invited, and her positive, heartfelt response gave me a huge boost.

And once you get to know Jillian… positive and heartfelt sums her up beautifully.

Going from a ‘jobbing’ freelancer on Upwork, to running a successful marketing agency in Melbourne, Florida, Jillian is a fantastic example of what being a Partner’s Partner is all about.

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The One With Cami Shieff – PPP013

Cami has been in and around the Infusionsoft Partner community for as long as anyone and, with her gentle, unassuming nature… until I sat down with her for this episode of The Partner’s Partner Podcast, had no idea of the size and success of the business in Texas she owns and runs with her husband.

There’s a lot you can learn from someone who’s been and done that, and Cami was happy to share the ups and downs of her journey to where she is now.

I remember Cami being very warm and welcoming to me at my first PartnerCon in 2013, and it was a privilege to sit down with her at last year’s event and find out more about this longstanding, assured Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Pieter K de Villiers – PPP012

Pieter is now an Infusionsoft Partner and successful business owner. But it wasn’t always that way.

Born and raised in a poor part of South Africa, Pieter moved to England when he was 18.

His story of the journey from then until now, via sleeping on a park bench and a failed business, was fascinating for me – and I’ve known Pieter for several years.

I hope it helps you establish a connection with a true Partner’s Partner.

Here are the links to Pieter’s generous offers…

Get a free copy of his book, Barefoot Business: https://goo.gl/jbWmwm

Grab your free copy of InfusionLabs: https://goo.gl/Uso2nx

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The One With Nancy Seeger – PPP011

Nancy is an Infusionsoft Partner with a track record of starting, growing and selling businesses. She’s done it 5 times in her career, with varying degrees of success – the highs and lows of which we discuss in this episode of The Partner’s Partner Podcast.

We also talk about the trauma she suffered in childhood, that she successfully overcame with what transpired as the theme of this episode.

It’s a privilege to welcome and introduce Nancy as a Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Kathryn Lloyd – PPP010

Kathryn had been an Infusionsoft Partner for just over a month when she took herself to PartnerCon in Phoenix in November 2017.

And her ‘all-in’ approach to life and business is something we explore during this episode of The Partner’s Partner Podcast.

An incredibly talented artist in her own right (I’ve seen some of her work), Kathryn’s business is about helping other artists share their gifts with the world… and get paid accordingly.

For her commitment to her community, and that of Infusionsoft Partners, I’m pleased to call Kathryn a Partner’s Partner.

The One With Matt Clark – PPP009

Matt is an Infusionsoft partner who lives in South Africa, with a thriving business helping business owners get paid what they’re worth.

He was the first partner I sat down with at PartnerCon in November 2017, so technically this is my first episode! 😅

Matt was a great guest… talkative, open and real.

And with the work he has done with many Infusionsoft partners, helping them to work ON their businesses, he is most definitely a Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Mandy Brasser – PPP008

Mandy is an Australian Infusionsoft Partner who loves beach volley ball!

She also has a thriving business based on the Gold Coast, where she supports speakers, coaches and other service professionals – helping them maximise their use of Infusionsoft, and minimise the time spent in their business.

We talked about road trips, dogs, values, purpose… and of course, beach volley ball!

I hope you enjoy listening to our chat half as much as I enjoyed having it, with a true Partner’s Partner.

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The One With Geni Ramos – PPP007

Geni was the first Infusionsoft Partner in Spain, and she has capitalised on that ‘first mover’ advantage.

During our chat she opens up about her deep disappointment over her professional sports career being cut short through injury. And how she used that to fuel her ambition, drive and success as an Infusionsoft Partner.

Through her attitude, desire to help and contribution to the Spanish-speaking Infusionsoft community, Geni ably proves herself to be a Partner’s Partner.