The One With Benji Rabhan – PPP027

I had the privilege of sitting down to chat with one of the top sponsors of SuccessCon and the man hailed as the “appointment optimisation innovator” by Entrepreneur.com.

Benji Rabhan has not done a ‘personal interview’ for quite a while, so it was an honour to be given the chance to get to know him better – and to bring that conversation to you.

Since he was a child, Benji has been described as an “old soul”. His innate curiosity and love of exploration has taken him far – from writing two bestselling books, to founding a company that was included in the Inc 500… and much more in between.

It would be easy to assume that all his success had brought him happiness, but surprisingly this isn’t the case. During our time together he was honest and obliging, openly sharing the ups and downs of his life experiments. (That concept is worth a listen all on its own).

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most interesting and powerful conversations of the podcast, and you owe it to Benji not to miss it!

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