The One With Alison Boyle – PPP020

Alison Boyle has been in sales and marketing for over 15 years, and is a successful Infusionsoft partner.

She works with small business owners, helping them with marketing automation, digital marketing, and training – specifically where WordPress is involved.

During our chat, Alison shared how her life growing up played an important part in her career journey. We talked about how she evolved from someone who had low self-confidence and not knowing what to do, to someone who doesn’t hold herself back, is persistent, and a successful business owner.

Despite all the setbacks they encountered in life, including redundancy when Alison was about to give birth to her youngest child… Alison and her husband have been able to successfully establish the career paths they wanted for themselves.

She may have made a lot of mistakes, like all of us, but Alison is pleased to say she’s been able to improve herself, help small businesses, and has become more aware of her decisions for her business . . . and that makes her an excellent Partner’s Partner.

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WordPress – https://wordpress.com/
WordCamp UK – https://uk.wordcamp.org/

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