The One With Adrian Savage – PPP016

Adrian was recently described in the Infusionsoft Partner Facebook group with the comment, “THIS MAN IS SUPER-HUMAN!”. And yes, it was in all-caps!

When you meet and get to know him, you know why he deserves such enthusiastic approbation [Enough with the big words, please – Ed)!

I’ve known Adrian since 2012, and have observed the ups and downs as he’s successfully grown his business, and his reputation in the partner community.

Adrian is a rare combination of hardcore tech geekery, brilliant strategic thinking and warm, open personality.

Through this episode, find out about Adrian’s journey to where he is now, and connect with an all-round Partner’s Partner.

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Gareth Everson - 2nd March 2018

Great show guys. Adrian – fab stories, many I wasn’t aware of. Good work you two!

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